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OUCHI series

We present OUCHI series, movies of remote sessions that our band members played at each home (ouchi, in Japanese) due to the present corona virus situation.
We sincerely hope that the pandemic will subdue soon, and wish all of our fan’s health.

Sukimasangyo OUCHI series

OUCHI collaboration with Chemical Volume

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We will release our 2nd full album “kitsutsuki” on August 8th!!

Heads up there, breaking four years of silence, sukimasangyo will release their 2nd full album “kitsutsuki” on August 8th!!

This long-awaited album includes “a snow day a rich day,” which is known for its studio live video on YouTube, as well as “kodama” and “asagiri,” introduced as new songs during live performances! These songs and others included in the album are themed around nature, vibrating strong, striking and yet subtle sounds sukimasangyo is well known for.

To our fans in Japan, our album will be available in CD stores, and For our fans worldwide, our album will be distributed on iTunes, Spotify, amazon music. We love you wherever you are, check it out when it’s time!

release information
kitsutsuki / sukimasangyo
kitsutsuki jk

Release date:August 8th, 2018
Price:1,700yen (+ta...

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